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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Bible Sisters: Comparison and Competition

This week we begin our series on Bible sisters. I’d like to set the stage with the following quotes from Deborah Tannen’s You Were Always Mom’s Favorite!:

“Sisters are inevitably compared to each other, because they are often together and, in any case, are thought of together. Each one’s character or personality tends to be described in contrast to the other’s. …And comparison is never far from competition” (page 4).

“From the moment they’re born, girls are judged by appearance. How pretty is she? (and in our own heads, How pretty am I?) sometimes seems to trump all others….Appearance cuts so close to women’s core sense of value that comparisons in this domain are especially pernicious” (pages 33-34).

Tannen’s comments set the emotional backdrop for our first pair of sisters: Leah and Rachel.

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