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By way of explanation

WomenfromtheBook Blog: Introduction, Part 2

Today I’ll explain my approach for future postings, and include some research basics.

Good research depends on the quality and integrity of the sources consulted, and not all sources are equal. Of course, a primary source tops the list, and for me that is the Bible. Everything I incorporate from secondary sources will serve only to add further texture and dimension to what the Bible provides.

As for research basics, here are a few I consider most important:
• Cross-check sources to verify information.
• Provide links when possible; otherwise furnish citations where appropriate.
• Keep research files in case of questions or fact-checking.

Before I close, let me ask how many women you were able to recall after yesterday’s Memory Checker? 10? 20? All 188? I’m keeping my list for future reference—seeds for blogs to come.

Memory Checker: List at least four prophetesses who are named in the Bible.

And speaking of prophetesses, we’ll meet one in the next post. Until then, thanks for stopping by. Fellow travelers are always welcome!

About womenfromthebook

Mine is a life-long interest in the women of the Bible, and I enjoy exploring the world in which they lived, and discovering the challenges that they faced. I have enough curiosity about them to last the rest of my life.

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  1. I’m happy you enjoy this blog. These Bible women are amazing!

  2. I read this blog with delight. It is so straightforward and illuminating of the simple truth of the life of one of God’s saints. It should inspire all who believe the Bible and want to better understand

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