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How flax was made into linen on the frontier

I wish there had been YouTube in the New Testament times.  Just think what we could learn!  I found this video helpful to demonstrate how labor intensive the process of turning flax into linen was, even as late as the 1700s. Imagine what it must have been like during Dorcas’s time.

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Mine is a life-long interest in the women of the Bible, and I enjoy exploring the world in which they lived, and discovering the challenges that they faced. I have enough curiosity about them to last the rest of my life.

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  1. I agree Diana. I much prefer going to JoAnn’s and buying my fabric ready-woven off the bolt!

  2. That was a great video to show how much work it took to break the fibers down. (And I thought the rooster crowing in the background was funny). Thanks for posting this. It is amazing how much time and labor went into providing clothing.

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