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What’s for dinner?

Next week’s posts examine a timeless topic: food and cooking. Three of the most challenging words for me are, “What’s for dinner?”  When we had a growing family, that was a common, and sometimes aggravating query. Now I find I ask myself that same question often. I have so many choices that just deciding a menu can be a challenge. I certainly have no excuse for serving dull and boring meals (though that sometimes happens).

While I have the luxury of having access to numerous varieties of produce, not just seasonally, but all year around, I wonder about shoppers in New Testament times. We’ll take a look at markets in Jerusalem, and visit rural areas as well.

And when I survey my kitchen with its gas stove and oven regulated by a thermostat, hot and cold running water, a refrigerator and freezer, cabinets stocked with everything to fill my cooking needs, I wonder what a well-equipped “kitchen” during the time of Martha and Mary might have looked like.

Have you wondered about cookbooks? I have two shelves filled with them. You might be surprised how far they date back. And what recipes are still used today.

Mary Hendren is researching the food that has been a staple from the beginning of time—bread. I love the smell of bread right out of the oven, especially if there is butter and honey handy. What a treat!

Bread in a traditional oven

Bread in a traditional oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I hope that is enough of an “appetizer” to make you want to enjoy the “full course” next week.
Before I go, how about another Memory Checker: How many fruits and nuts can you list from the Bible? I have eleven so far.

Thanks for stopping by. This journey of discovery is much nicer in the company of friends!

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