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On July 24,2012, WomenfromtheBook Blog was born. Now, 44 posts later, it’s time to thank you all for your interest and encouragement–we’ve had over 1950 visits! It has been fun and challenging at the same time. There is no shortage of topics or ideas, but I invite you to share your suggestions or interests. The Bible is such a wonderful resource to mine, and the nuggets and gems we discover in the process can only be fully enjoyed when shared with friends.

I especially want to thank Mary Hendren for her contributions and insights. She is a wonderful friend and an excellent writer/researcher. I hope you will continue to see her by-line on many posts in the future.

Our blog will be inactive from now until the week of October 28 due to the annual fall Holy Days celebrated by the Church of God community. When it resumes we want WomenfromtheBook to continue as a resource for readers for learning more about some favorite or intriguing Bible women, and the world in which they lived.

Before you leave, here are some possible topics percolating on the back burner: sorting through the Marys of the New Testament; witches, wise women, and fortune-tellers; and business women of the New Testament. What about sickness and ailments–how were they treated? Were girls educated, and could they read?

There are so many questions. Will we find some answers? I sincerely hope so, but if that is not to be the case, we are sure to know more than when we started.

Keep reading and mining for those nuggets of gold, and I’ll look forward to seeing you back here in late October!

Karen Meeker

About womenfromthebook

Mine is a life-long interest in the women of the Bible, and I enjoy exploring the world in which they lived, and discovering the challenges that they faced. I have enough curiosity about them to last the rest of my life.

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  1. Hello Diana.
    Thank you for your encouraging words, and thanks for stopping by. I hope your Holy Days are fulfilling as well.

  2. Thank you for your thought provoking posts. I look forward to them each week. May your time away from this blog for the fall Holy Day season be blessed for you and Mary.

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