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Songs of the heart

The Woman’s Study Bible lists ten instances of hymns or songs that are associated, loosely or directly, with women. It is an interesting list including the individual songs of Miriam, Deborah, and Mary, and generic references to anonymous people, as in II Samuel 19:35: “Can I hear any longer the voice of singing men and singing women?”

In all instances cited, the accompanying descriptions indicate times of celebration, worship, and praise (see topic “Hymns and Songs Associated with Women”).

The most well-known songs are contained in “The Book of Psalms.” It is a collection of 150 compositions written by various people (but principally David)  to be performed in some way. The very term “psalm” comes from a Latin term, Liber Psalmorum, derived from the Greek word for “a song sung to a stringed instrument,” (Songs of the Heart, Nahum M. Sarna,1993, page 10). Both men and women singers lifted their voices in praise, or sometimes lamentation, to the great God of Israel. These have inspired many beloved hymns sung in worship services today.

In the next posts we will be looking at two other songs—the songs of Mary and Hannah. Each has a central inspiration. By direct miracle, they were promised sons—sons destined to be used mightily by the God Who gave them.

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