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David and the women

Saul and David.

Saul and David. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mention the name of David, king of Israel, and what comes to mind?  A strapping lad facing the giant Goliath with only a slingshot?  A musician dodging the spear of his manic king?  Or, most likely, the episode of an adulterer king who callously plotted the death of his paramour’s loyal and valorous husband?

David has long caught the imagination of Bible readers, authors, artists, and Hollywood. However, few of the women who are part of his larger story have enjoyed such interest, with the exception of Bathsheba and perhaps Abigail.

In this week’s posts, we will get an overview of David’s family, and meet a major player—Michal, whose life was sadly impacted by the political tussles between her father and her husband.

The bit players are sometimes the most fascinating. For instance, what can we know about the wise women of Tekoa and Abel? Concubines figure in many Bible stories, but are any more compelling than King Saul’s Rizpah and her heart-breaking vigil?  Mary Hendren’s insightful post will help answer that question.

We hope you enjoy this brief visit into David’s world, with its complexities, complications, and more than a little intrigue.

About womenfromthebook

Mine is a life-long interest in the women of the Bible, and I enjoy exploring the world in which they lived, and discovering the challenges that they faced. I have enough curiosity about them to last the rest of my life.

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